Senior Pet Check-Ups with a Nurse – £150

Our Senior Pet Wellness Program is designed to provide thorough health assessments and comprehensive care for your aging furry companion. Led by experienced veterinary nurses, this program aims to ensure your senior pet’s health and well-being through a series of tailored assessments and evaluations. 


Program Components

  1. Health History Review: An in-depth discussion of your pet’s medical history, including previous conditions, surgeries, medications, and any noticeable changes in behavior or habits.

  2. Vital Signs Assessment: Monitoring and recording vital signs such as temperature, pulse, and respiratory rate to establish baseline measurements.

  3. Physical Examination: A comprehensive head-to-tail examination to identify any abnormalities, lumps, joint stiffness, dental issues, or signs of discomfort.

  4. Blood Tests: Conducting blood tests to assess organ function, including kidney, liver, and thyroid health. Additionally, these tests detect conditions like diabetes or anemia.

  5. Urinalysis: Testing urine to assess kidney function, detect urinary tract infections, or identify kidney disease.

  6. Dietary and Nutritional Discussion: Reviewing your pet’s diet and suggesting adjustments tailored to senior pet requirements, including appropriate food choices and supplements.

  7. Behavioral Assessment: Inquiring about any changes in behavior or habits that could indicate underlying health concerns.

  8. Education and Recommendations: Providing guidance on senior pet care, including exercise routines, mental stimulation, dental hygiene, and preventive measures.

  9. Medication Management: Guidance on administering medications if required, along with insights into potential side effects.

  10. Future Care Planning: Discussion of a follow-up schedule or additional tests based on the assessment for ongoing monitoring and care.

Benefits of the Program

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: A thorough assessment conducted by skilled veterinary nurses to ensure no aspect of your pet’s health is overlooked.

  • Tailored Recommendations: Customized advice and recommendations specific to your senior pet’s needs, enhancing their overall quality of life.

  • Early Detection: Identification of potential health issues or conditions in their early stages, allowing for timely intervention and management.

Cost and Duration

Cost: All inclusive for £150. This is valid for home visits as well!

Duration: Approximately 15 minutes (may vary depending on individual pet needs). 

* if there is issues that would need vet attendance, a vet appointment will be arrange free of charge.

Other Services provided by a vet nurse  Book Now! 

You can call us if you have any other concerns or not sure what to do.

Common Nurse Appointments in practice(£18):  

 – Nail Clipping

 – 2nd Vaccines(after initial vet health check)

 – Monthly Injections (arthritis or allergy injections), etc.

 – Weight Clinics and Planning 

 – Microchipping


 – 3-2-1 Bundle Laser Class IV for £150.  We do not charge extra if the sessions are done at the practice. Home visit from a nurse are £36 each


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