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Puppy and Kitten Welcome Pack

Give your new family member a healthy start in life for just £96.


Our puppy & Kitten pack includes:
– Primary Vaccination Course. Prevent your new pet from many infectious diseases with our high quality vaccines to boost their immunity. The initial vaccine course is 2 vaccinations 3-4 weeks apart.

-Microchipping. It is a legal requirement for dogs and soon-to-be legal requirement for cats to be microchipped. It helps re-unite thousands of lost pets and their owners.

– Full nose to tail veterinary health check. Your pets health and happiness is our top priority. Our vets will provide a thorough check over. Routinely this is the general examination performed by our vets when seeing your pet.

•Listen to airways, chest, lungs and heart
•Check the coat, skin and weight
•Offer advice on flea and worm control
•Give advice on neutering
•Offer recommendations on dental health and diet
•Address any other concerns or questions you may have

Call us on 01424 754487 to book your appointment.

Neutering surgeries

Although our promotional prices ended up in January 2024, we are still offering one of the most competitive neutering bundles. For information on our current prices please visit our prices page or call the practice.

Neutering your pet involves the surgical removal of their reproductive organs and can potentially have a number of benefits. In Males the procedure is called a Castration and in females a it is called a Spay.

Benefits of neutering your pet:

•Prevents unwanted pregnancies and womb infections
•Can help prevent tumours and breast cancer
•Can help prevent testicular cancer and prostate disease
•Assists in preventing roaming and aggressive behaviour.

At GoPet Services, our expert team is always willing to advise you on the ideal age and time to neuter your pet, and how to care for them before and after the procedure.

Dental Clinics and Surgeries

Dental procedures in small animals have always been avoided due the high cost and not being considered absolutely necessary. 

Why is dental health so important for our pets?

Just like you, your pet needs to maintain healthy teeth and gums. But unlike you, they cannot do this by themselves!

Looking after your pet’s pearly whites is extremely important, which is why we’re advocating pet dental health awareness at GoPet Services, to provide help, advice and treatment along with some great offers. Dental disease among cats, dogs and rabbits is one of the most common problems we deal with at GoPet Services.

What problems can bad oral health cause?

Unfortunately, dental disease is extremely common in pets due to a combination of dietary and genetic factors – by the age of five a lot of them will need dental treatment.
Most dental cases aren’t a dire emergency. However, dental disease is progressive and, as the gums become inflamed, bacteria start to enter the bloodstream and can damage organs such as the heart or kidneys. The longer the delay, the more likely your pet will suffer irreversible damage.
It is better to get treatment sooner rather than later.

Encouragingly, many owners report back that after the dental work has been done, their pet appears significantly brighter and happier.

Please give us a call on 01424 754487. We can arrange a dental check with a vet or a nurse who will then be able to advise you further.

Senior Pet Check-Ups with a Nurse

Appointment Purpose: To ensure the optimal health and well-being of your senior pet.

Appointment Components:

  1. Health History Review: Discussion of your pet’s medical history, previous conditions, surgeries, medications, and any recent changes in behavior or habits.

  2. Vital Signs Assessment: Checking vital signs like temperature, pulse, and respiratory rate to establish baseline measurements.

  3. Physical Examination: A thorough head-to-tail examination to identify lumps, bumps, joint stiffness, dental issues, or signs of discomfort.

  4. Blood Tests: Conducting blood tests to assess organ function, including kidney, liver, and thyroid health, as well as detecting conditions like diabetes or anemia.

  5. Urinalysis: Testing urine to assess kidney function, detect urinary tract infections, or identify kidney disease.

  6. Dietary and Nutritional Discussion: Reviewing your pet’s diet and suggesting adjustments tailored to senior pet requirements, including appropriate food choices and supplements.

  7. Behavioral Assessment: Inquiring about any changes in behavior or habits that could indicate underlying health concerns.

  8. Education and Recommendations: Providing guidance on senior pet care, exercise routines, mental stimulation, dental hygiene, and preventive measures.

  9. Medication Management: Guidance on administering medications if required, along with insights into potential side effects.

  10. Future Care Planning: Discussion of a follow-up schedule or additional tests based on the assessment for ongoing monitoring and care.

Cost: All inclusive for £150.

This comprehensive appointment ensures a holistic evaluation of your senior pet’s health, covering both the physical examination and laboratory tests conducted by the nurse.