Here are the terms and conditions.

Please read through carefully.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Safety Policy

Please warn us if your pet has shown any aggressive behaviour before. When we visit your pet’s home, their behaviour may become unpredictable. If this is the case it is best we have an initial discussion before performing the vet check. When booking appointment please mention any possible abnormal behaviour that could influence the visit.


We reserve the right to refuse treatment if a visit becomes unsafe, we will then provide advice on alternative treatment options. Please be aware that the visit will still be charged accordingly.


Payment is due in full at the time of the appointment. We accept credit and debit cards, cash or bank transfer.
All invoices must be settled in full upon receipt of the invoice.
We reserve the right to offer discounts to any service provided.


If further diagnostic procedures are required, the veterinary surgeon will inform you beforehand and will continue with the treatment plan following the agreement of the owner.


All services and products provided are charged according to the current price list, which is available on request, often being pre-arranged while booking the home visit. When booking an appointment please consider that the price quoted is just the consultation and if applicable the home visit fee, we cannot accurately quote you the price of treatment or medication before you see the vet. This will be discussed with you at the time of the visit.


Please phone us directly if you have an emergency situation. Facebook messages and emails aren’t constantly monitored so we always recommend to phone us in an emergency.
We do not recommend a home visit for an emergency situation. If you think your pet needs emergency treatment or is in a life threatening situation, please phone us and arrange to bring them to our practice.

If we are fully booked, we may still be able to offer you an emergency appointment. Please note that emergency appointments (including home visits and those at the practice) come at an additional charge. All of our out of hour’s emergencies are directed to Vets Now in Eastbourne.

RCVS guidelines for practice standards and professional conduct of veterinary surgeons states: “Veterinary surgeons have professional responsibilities relating to the provision of 24-hour emergency cover (i.e. the provision of emergency first aid and pain relief). These responsibilities should be considered in conjunction with the owner’s responsibilities under current animal welfare legislation, to ensure the health and welfare of their animal.”


We strongly recommend getting your pet insured. Please ask for details about insurance if you do not have a policy in place.


Written prescriptions can be issued instead of the actual product being dispensed from us. This comes at a fixed charge of £17.04 per prescription, our policy is a maximum of 3 months worth of treatment. Exceptions are for flea and wormer treatments where the maximum will be 6 months worth. Schedule 2&3 drugs come with totally different rules, VMD and RCVS requires us to dispense a maximum of 28 days worth of treatment at any one time. The written prescription will either be issued at the time of visit and emailed, otherwise we can arrange Royal Mail delivery or other delivery services. We cannot prescribe any medication for animals not seen in the last 12 months for flea and wormers, or last 6 months for chronic illnesses. RCVS restricts vets in dispensing any type of POM-V medication without prior assessment.